Mine Digitization

The mining sector will benefit tremendously by using digital, technology and data analytics to optimise operations, asset performance and reduce risk. However, to get this right will need to overcome the legacy operations which are often broken down into individual operating silos, with ineffective integration between mine, processing and transport. To overcome these barriers and achieve effective digital transformation, there must be a focus on foundational systems, processes and, importantly, the right capabilities and mind-set need to be put in place.

Our solution is an innovative, future-proof, operational planning and digitization software platform to plan, schedule and manage all mining activities and resources. Scope of functions extend from pit to port and can be implemented into any type of mining operation for any commodity.

Ecomen have partnered with Reactore’s MineOne Platform to provide holistic solution for mines operation.

Broad Functional Scope

Operational Planning

Production Schedule

Material Flow

Dynamic Resource Allocation & Routing

Trip Management

Mobile Application


Broad Functional Scope

Boost in Productivity

Reduce Operational Costs

Improved Utilization

Improved Health and Safety

Regulatory Compliance



Return on Investment