Metallurgical Industries (ferrous & non-ferrous)

The ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry is a key sector in the Indian economy as it meets the requirements of a wide range of key industries including engineering, electrical and electronics, infrastructure, automobile and automobile components, packaging etc. As a part of the materials cycle, ores and fossil fuels are extracted from the earth, processed, and converted into metals, chemicals, and other processed materials. Wastes are generated which include gases, dusts, sludge or solutions, ashes, and a variety of solid materials such as overburden, waste rocks, tailings, and slag. They must be disposed of at low cost with a minimum of environmental degradation. To achieve the target of less impact on our surroundings, the study of baseline data and prediction of impact and provision for more eco-friendly mitigation measures is the basic duty of stakeholders. Submission and presentation of work and getting clearance from the central and state assessment authorities is the biggest milestone in this process. Post EC monitoring works such as compliance to the conditions stipulated in the EC & half-year monitoring reports has to be submitted periodically.

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