Environment Health & Safety

Protecting people and the environment is a critical aspect of responsible business.

Environmental, health, and safety (EHS) is understanding and implementing practical aspects of environmental protection such as sustainability and safety in the workplace.

Industries have to navigate the increasingly complex environmental regulatory landscape, with a focus on achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance, protecting employee health and safety, managing potential business liabilities, and improving clients’ financial and organizational performance.

Ecomen team helps clients to unlock smart, predictive and data-driven EHS decisions that increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, create safer working environments and positively impact overall business performance, by combining the industry’s most innovative technologies.

Our experienced EHS management consultants have built a system that envisages continuous improvement through enhanced communication, improved performance, built-in team work, employee engagement, safety & health culture and continuous risk reduction. Our process is compatible with quality/productivity/cost-control assurance programs and Occupational Safety, Health & Environment International Standards.