Consent for establishment (CFE) has to be obtained prior to establishment of an industry, operation or a process. Consent for operation (CFO) has to be obtained prior to commissioning of an industry and for continuation of discharge of emission and effluents or for expansion and modernization of existing Industry.

The validity of NOC is for one year. NOC should be renewed if the unit is not commissioned by then. If renewal is not requested within the validity period then the fresh application has to be made to the Pollution Control Board.

Once you get verification of the compliance and implementation of the conditions of the CTE (NOC) issued by the State Pollution Control Board you can apply for Consent for Operation (CFO). Consent for operation can be renewed for every 1 to 5 years depending on the category.

Industries and activities are classified based on the Capital investment  and pollution potential as  Large, Medium & Small  and     Red :  Highly polluting units;   Orange : Moderately polluting;    Green :  Less Polluting.

Ecomen has a track record in getting the Consent for Establishment from the state pollution control Boards. We support in terms of Document preparation, EIA & EMP study, Online submission and Getting CFE/CFO/NOC.

CFE/CFO/NOC are for Fresh, Renewal and Amendment requests